Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Warrior: Workout in Lucy

Weekends are for expressing ourselves! Get casual, but stay stylish with Saturday's post for the weekend warrior in us all.

Lucy LogoOnline Shoppers, you can run, but you cannot run in dowdy old clothes from high school...or college.  Just because you are working out, does not mean that you should give up on looking good.  The gym is not only an opportunity to burn "cals" and work off some stress, but you may actually network a bit, meet your next date, or make a friendly acquaintance. 

In that regard, The Online Shopper recommends checking out Lucy.  Lucy explains the problem precisely in describing their store:
  • "In 1999, women’s workout wear was well overdue for a makeover: by the end of the eighties, leotards and legwarmers had given way to baggy shorts and ill-fitting college t-shirts. Why, we wondered, would a fashionable and put-together woman dress for the gym like she’s going to a ninth grade PE class—for boys? Didn’t a store exist that sold a wide array of attractive and athletic apparel for active women in a fun, friendly shopping environment?"  About Lucy. 

Lucy hit the nail on the head by identifying a serious problem and gap in the market.  Lucy's philosophy is one that this Online Shopper cannot help but buy into.  Accordingly, for today's Weekend Warrior, The Online Shopper recommends trying this lovely set.  The Sculpted Power Top in midnight/bright magenta mosaic print for $55.00 along with the Lucy X-Training Capri for $79.00 in the same color. 

Online Shoppers do you share a similar philosphy when it comes to working out, or do you take an "anything goes" approach to workout attire?