Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tip of the Week: Shopping Online for a Vacation

Tuesday's Tip of the Week is a guide for navigating the vast world of e-commerce.  Tips and Tricks from The Online Shopper for Online Shoppers!
tropical female by *michael sweet*
tropical female, a photo by *michael sweet* on Flickr.
It is summer vacation season!  Kids are out of school, the office slows down a bit and the weather is ripe for taking time off and traveling somewhere new.  With that in mind, The Online Shopper thought it prudent to consider how to shop online for a vacation.  There are many options for booking your next trip online.  For instance, you could go directly to the respective hotel and airline websites and book your trips directly.  Or, you may decide to book your trip with one of the popular travel websites like Expedia, Hotels.Com, or Travelocity (to name a few). 

However, The Online Shopper recommends using Bing Travel.  It is in so many ways a one-stop-shop for searching for great rates and then booking your travel arrangements.  Like all travel sites, Bing allows you to input your To/From information, the dates of your travel.  However, where Bing gets good is that it allows you to conduct a "Compare search" that opens in a new window and lets you search hotel and flight information from Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, BookingBuddy and AA.com.  After you click "search" approximately eight (8) windows will pop up offering your complete options.  How convenient? 

Online Shoppers, do you have any tips for booking vacations online, or otherwise?  Where do you plan on heading this summer?  Post your comments, below.