Friday, July 15, 2011

Deal of the Day: Me Too Paige Flats

Me Too 'Paige' Patent Leather Flat
Me Too Paige Patent Flats
The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account!

At the risk of Nordstrom overkill - The Online Shopper is just not done with the Anniversary Sale quite yet.  These are the shoes: Me Too Paige Patent Leather flats.  Nude - yes, pointy - yes yes, embellished toe - yes yes yes!  The best part is the anniversary price.  Priced at $88.95, you can snatch up these versatile flats $59.90.  The Online Shopper purchased these lovely flats this morning, and plans to wear these as stylish "commuter shoes" and with jeans on the weekend. 

All too often ladies make the mistake of wearing flip flops as commuter shoes.  Flip flips are unflattering and utterly lack style.  Online Shoppers, you can do better!  Try these Me Toos or another pair of embellished flats.  Nordstrom has a great selection.  Happy Shopping.