Monday, July 4, 2011

Deal of the Day: Vintage Brooch

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account!

Bling Jewelry Art Deco Vintage CZ Diamond Wedding Brooch PinAs of late, The Online Shopper has been crazy about vintage brooches.  In a recent realization, The Online Shopper surmised that the brooch is one of the most underrated fashion accessories.  Brooches are fabulous.  They can sit on a top, outwear, or a suit jacket, and are a great way to add style to an otherwise simple outfit.  Even Duchess Catherine has recently been spotted wearing a Canadian Leaf brooch on her Canadian tour.  The Online Shopper has found a number of stylish vintage brooches at, and at, like this Vintage Brooch for $29.99 available at  Just enter "vintage brooch" into the search feature of any of these websites and you will get a slew of fun and fabulous pins.  For the record, The Online Shopper also tried searching "vintage rhinestone brooch" and "Eisenberg vintage brooch" (Eisenberg made costume brooches back in the 1930s and 40s - they are fabulous but tend to cost a bit more than today's deal of the day.)  Selecting your unique vintage piece is fun and after you receive compliments, it is even more fun to respond, "oh, thank you, it is vintage!"  The Online Shopper would pin this brooch to a crisp white blouse and a summer tweed skirt.  This Brooch makes a statement, so be sure to take in light on your other jewelry.  Small studs, no necklace, and a simple bracelet, if any.  Stay fabulous Online Shoppers!