Monday, May 30, 2011

Wear it to Work Mondays: Smocked Waist Jersey Dress

The Online Shopper's Wear it to Work Mondays focuses on work attire in professional settings. 

Smocked Waist Jersey Dress
Smocked Waist Jersey Dress
Today is a national holiday, so chances are your office is closed.  But...ah just may have a pretty avid online shopping habit, and would like to rake in the $$.  That begs the question: what on earth do you wear to work when the office is closed, knowing full well that you will see other coworkers who are as equally as ambitious as you are?  The Online Shopper thinks that this $59.50 Smocked Waist Jersey Dress from may be a good option for you.  The color is called "night rose" and The Online Shopper thinks this color could work on the lightest to the darkest skin tones.  This dress is versatile (you can head to the grocery store when you leave work), comfortable (it is a holiday, after all) and conservative (you are at work)!  As with any jersey dress, good shape wear is a must (unless you are Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, or Gisele - but then you would be too fabulous for this Ann Taylor Loft dress in the first get the shape wear).  The Online Shopper likes the styling options as pictured, but would probably put this dress with some nude flats rather than lace-up espadrilles for the office.  For those of you staying clear of the office today, enjoy the remainder of your weekend!       

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Deal of the Day: Cara Accessories Bangles

Cara Accessories Bangles (Set of 16)
Cara Accessories Bangles

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account!

Talk about bang for your buck!  Gold is starting to make its comeback and what a wonderful way to re-introduce yourself than with this set of 16 Cara Accessories Bangles for only $31.90?  These are part of Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale.  Check out the many sale pieces here.  These are lovely, but because the bangles, all sixteen of them, combine to make a statement take it easy with other accessories.  The Online Shopper would wear these would a pair of diminutive gold studs and a crisp white button-up shirt.  Also one Online Shopper reviewing these bangles cautioned about the smaller size -- so if you have a larger hand/wrist beware that these these may not be for you.  All in all however, The Online Shopper thinks that these are high fashion, frugal and fabulous.  Whether you pick out these, or find another amazing item(s), Happy Online Shopping!   

For the Home: Carmen Stripe Picnic Tablecloth

What a better topic for a Sunday afternoon blog post than a recommendation for a wonderful piece For the Home? 

Carmen Stripe Picnic Tablecloth
Carmen Stripe
Picnic Tablecloth
Happy Memorial Day weekend!  The Online Shopper is certain that you are either hosting, have been, will go, or were at least invited to a barbecue this weekend.  The Online Shopper has got you covered with this recommendation for this Carmen Stripe Picnic Tablecloth from for $9.95.  Crate and Barrel also has a lovely serving tray, napkins and various other accessories to compliment the outdoor look.  The Online Shopper thinks that these would make a lovely (and affordable) hostess gift, or great for your own backyard bash.  The summer is just kicking-off so these accessories are sure to get a lot use.    

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deal of the Day: J.Crew Factory Gypsy Necklace

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account!
Factory Gypsy necklace
J.Crew Factory Gypsy Necklace
The Online Shopper is crazy about turquoise/aqua-marine colored jewelry lately.  The color of this J.Crew Factory Gypsy Necklace can go with bright jewel tones, or neutrals as a pop of color.  These longer necklaces are also wonderful because you can wind them up a few more times and wear them as a bracelet.  For only $16.50 with free shipping this is the Deal of the Day! 

Weekend Warrior: Weekend Blue Wash Modern Straight Leg Jeans

Weekends are for expressing ourselves! Get casual, but stay stylish with Saturday's post for the weekend warrior in us all.

Weekend Blue Wash Modern Straight Leg Jeans
Weekend Blue Wash
Modern Straight Leg Jeans from Ann Taylor Loft

It is all too easy to prance to the grocery store in our gym clothes, or to the bank in our significant other's t-shirt, but whether it is Monday, or Sunday, what we wear is an expression of ourselves and it is importantly to take yourself seriously every day of the week.  In that regard, The Online Shopper is convinced that every weekend warrior needs a pair of staple jeans to live her life in.  These Weekend Blue Wash Modern Straight Leg Jeans from are just the pair.  The dark wash is flattering, and the slim cut will embrace your feminine shape. 

As we head into summer, The Online Shopper would pair these jeans with a pair of flat sandals and voluminous silk top...but really, they will match anything.  The jeans are a [mere] $59.50.  The Online Shopper has had wonderful luck with both the fit and durability of Ann Taylor denim, and has no hesitation recommending these for your online shopping cart. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Deal of the Day: Nine West Arzytoo Wedge Sandals at Piperlime

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account!

It is official. Summer is starting, and this Online Shopper is pretty happy about the idea of walking into it with these Nine West Arzytoo wedge sandals available at for $59.99.  The nude tone is versatile and wedges can be pretty comfortable.  The Piperlime Online Shoppers delivered a 4.5 out of 5.  To boot, Piperlime is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase.  These would be cute with cropped jean shorts, or a summer dress. 

High Fashion Friday!

Fridays are for not just fashion, high fashion! 

MARC BY MARC JACOBS "Arielle Bloom" Silk Printed Dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Arielle Bloom" Silk Printed Dress
Friday is pay day, and a time to indulge yourself with a piece of high fashion.  The Online Shopper truly believes that investing in a few nicer, but perhaps more expensive, pieces over the course of the year can really upgrade one's style.  With that in mind, The Online Shopper love, love loves this Arielle Bloom dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs.  The dress was originally $478.00, but is now available for $358.80 at  The Online Shopper likes the distinct pattern and the feminine shape of this frock.  It would be lovely with a pair of closed-toe nude pumps and a thin white cardigan for work,  black platform pumps for date night, or even some metallic flat sandals for a graduation party or wedding shower.  As the print speaks for itself, The Online Shopper believes that minimal hair and makeup styling are key.  But, now matter how you wear it, this dress is sure to get you a compliment...or two...or three!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gifts Galore: Hidden Compartment Valet from Red Envelope

Thursday's post, just in time for the weekend shopping rush, is dedicated to gift recommendations. 

hidden compartment valet
Hidden Compartment Valet
Unfortunately Oprah's reign on daytime television is over, and we are now left without her beloved "favorite things." *Tear*  Although The Online Shopper is no Oprah, we have a few gift recommendations of our own... 

Fathers' Day is just a few weeks away, on Sunday June 19, leaving you just enough time to order a gift for your dad, or your kids' dad.  Although dads can be notoriously difficult to shop for, The Online Shopper thinks that this Hidden Compartment Valet, priced at $89.95 from is a great fathers' day gift.  The design is stylish, it can be monogrammed for a personal touch, and it is a practical piece. From the reviews, it appears that other Online Shoppers agree!  One poster, "reluctant shopper" stated: ""I bought this as a gift for my husband's birthday as he had watches, cufflinks, mementos strewn across the dresser. Everything fit nicely. The quality is great and it looks terrific."  Sounds like a winner! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deal of the Day: Forever 21 Sunglasses

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account! 

F4338 Sunglasses at Forever 21

No you do not have double vision, here is the second sunglasses post in one day.  Now, do not judge to quickly because of the store (which is typically for a younger crowd, with trendier merchandise, lower prices and perhaps quality).  The Online Shopper likes to keep a pair of fun-go-anywhere shades to simply toss in her purse without worrying about scratching up her Chanels.  This in mind, The Online Shopper thinks that Forever 21's sunglasses selection cannot be beat.  Check it out here.

The shades to the right are the F4338 Sunglasses, and like all of the store's sunglasses are only $5.80!  For that price you can order a few pairs to have handy (in one's purse, in the car, in the husband's car...etc.).  At $5.80 these are the Deal of the Day!    

Wednesday is for the 'Fellas: Ray-Ban Caravan Sunglasses available at Brooks Brothers

Girls do not need to have all the fun.  Wednesday's post is for the 'fellas (or the fella in your life). 
A streamlined, geometric model and an alternative to the classic aviator. Featuring rectangular lenses and frame shape. Monel metal frames and green crystal lenses. 100% UV protection. Made in Italy. Comes with Ray-Ban case and box.
Ray-Ban Caravan Sunglasses
The Online Shopper digs these Ray-Ban Caravan Sunglasses for $125.00, available at  However, more importantly, the Online Shopper's husband, who happens to be a raging alpha male, gave these two thumbs up!  Mr. Online Shopper's direct quote: "they are good. very Don Draper" -- which speaks volumes.  This post is particularly timely in light of Fathers' Day which is only a few short weeks away (June 19).  These would be a great gift idea for younger dads because they add a bit of style without being over the top (as a full out aviator might be).

Do any Online Shoppers have other great suggestions for Fathers' Day gifts?  Post your comments below.    

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deal of the Day: Bodhi Coated Linen Ivory iPad case

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account! 
Bodhi Coated Linen iPad Case
Here it is...the prettiest little ipad case.  Available at Nordstrom Rack.   Lovely and stylish, this case is a perfect accent for the girl on the go.  For under $40 this is a definitely deal of the day material!  

The Online Shopper's Tuesday Tip of the Week: Top Five Tips to Get the Goods

Tuesday's Tip of the Week is a guide for navigating the vast world of e-commerce.  Tips and Tricks from The Online Shopper for Online Shoppers!

Lego Tips & Tricks Contest Entry by Final Crisis
Lego Tips & Tricks Contest Entry, a photo by Final Crisis on Flickr.
 The World Wide Web… now isn’t that the truth?  Online stores like, blogs like, news sites like, and well …all the nonsense (The Online Shopper will withhold the links to protect the guilty).  How can shoppers surfing the web find the next great outfit, house ware, or special gift? 

To begin the discussion, here are The Online Shopper’s top five tips for getting to the goods. 

1. Search Engines: This is a bit of a no brainer, but start off broad by using search engines such as and to get a sense of what is out there.  Search for particular stores, designers, or item descriptions.  Popular sites pop up first, which may give you a sense of where the web traffic is driving.  For instance, The Online Shopper only learned about Nordstrom Rack through a search engine site.  You never know what you will find, so do not be afraid to look.

2. Comparison Shop: Shopping online is nothing, if it is not the best opportunity to comparison shop!  The Online Shopper’s trick is hands-down,  Shop Style is an amazing one-stop-shop that brings you all the options from various sites in one location. 

Comparison shopping goes beyond simply looking for like items at different sites.  If you find a great sale at one site, but they are out of your size or color choice, price matching may be an option.  For instance, According to the Neiman Marcus chat feature (chat link on left-hand column), Neiman Marcus “will match a price shown on Vendor/Designer websites and other competitor websites provided the item is an exact match and the competitor’s price is a current (not past) regular or sale price.”  To get an adjustment online you can initiate a customer service chat (link above) and provide a current URL, or fax a copy of the advertisement and you are good to go.

3. E-Mail List: If you have not already, sign up for the e-mail lists at your favorite stores.  Often sites will give you a percentage off your first purchase just for signing up!  Not only is there this initial deal to be had, but the retailers will email you with special offer codes and key information on upcoming sales and new merchandise.  This is a great way to stay in tune with sites that interest you!   

4. Use the Tools:  Just because you are not dealing directly with a clerk, behind a counter in a store does not mean that you do not have amazing customer service options. According to the top two features for online shoppers are (1) tracking delivery and (2) online chat or instant messaging.  These are both amazing features.  The Online Shopper is not afraid to chat it up or call a customer service representative to ask questions about the specs of the product, and inquire about return policies (including whether the store will accept an in-store return).  The Online Shopper also pays particular attention to online reviews of the product.  Certain sites, like lets consumers post their review right on the page, and The Online Shopper likes getting the review straight from the horse's mouth.

5. Don’t Click Away Your Common Sense:  You know this rule…we all know this rule…if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  The Online Shopper tends to stick with major retailers, and even beyond that likes to shop online at stores that were actually visited in person.  A great example of applying your common sense to the utility of e-commerce is particularly appropriate with major purchases such as electronics, home appliances and furniture.  The Online Shopper always does her homework!  Go to various pages to see what is out there and soak up those consumer reviews.  Print up the useful screens, call your local store, see if the product is in stock and go and check it out and test it out before making your purchase.    

These are The Online Shopper’s first five Tuesday tips…what are yours?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Deal of the Day: Polished Sateen Blazer from Ann Taylor

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account! 

The Online Shopper is really into this white, fitted, Polished Sateen Blazer from Inspired by The Duchess of Cambridge's apparent love for shrunken blazers, as seen here, The Online Shopper cannot help but to be drawn to this piece! 

At a reasonably priced $158.00 The Online Shopper can see wearing this basic piece with almost anything in your closet.  For work, try topping off a nude camisole, black wide-leg pants and accent with turquoise jewerly.  It would also work equally well over a sheath dress, with a voluminous patterened skirt, or a pair of jeans (as pictured).  To boot the already-there value, Ann Taylor is currently offering 20% off of two full priced items, 30% off of three full priced items and free shipping on orders over $150.  Use code MORECHIC at checkout.  This undisputed versatility juxtaposed to the reasonable price point makes this a must-have for spring-summer 2011. 

Wear it to Work Mondays: Ivanka Trump's Amoro Pumps

The Online Shopper's Wear it to Work Mondays is a post focusing on work attire.  The styling recommendations are geared towards a professional environment. 

Ivanka Trump's Amoro Pumps
 On the heels (pun intended) of the Celebrity Apprentice finale, The Online Shopper could think of no better post than a celebration of mom-to-be, Ivanka Trump's shoe line!  In that regard, The Online Shopper thinks that the Amoro Pump, available at Amazon should be the shoe for you. 

The pumps are also available in natural leather, red, and light pink but The Online Shopper thinks that the classic black pump, with a rounded toe and a moderate 3.5 heel height, should be a staple to a professional wardrobe.  Prior to making a purchase The Online Shopper always considers the "price per wear ratio."  This is the ratio of opportunities to wear the fashion (or use the product) as compared to its price.  The best scores go to items that have lower price points but can easily be integrated into one's lifestyle and wardrobe.  The worst scores go to those high priced items that can really only be worn occasionally. 

The Online Shopper gives a great price per wear ratio.  The Amoro's would be beautiful with a suit, dress or a skirt, which means that they could be worn several times during the work week, and at $120 these are worthy of the online shopping cart.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Deal of the Day: Zara Floral Scarf

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account! 

For this first ever Deal of the Day The Online Shopper directs you to this Zara Floral Scarf for only $25.90 available at
This price alone makes this worth the purchase, but when you think about the styling options, you would be silly not to embrace this deal!  Both scarves, and coral are very Spring 2011.  So go ahead and toss this on with your t-shirt and jeans, or under a navy suit for a splash of "I'm all business...and fabulous."  The Online Shopper thinks, however, that the best way to use this is to tie it on the strap of your handbag to show that you are serious about spring.  Small details make all the difference and this Deal of the Day will take you there!

For the Home: Diane von Furstenberg's "Micro Flowers" Bedding

DIANE von FURSTENBERG "Miro Flowers" Bedding

What a better topic for a Sunday afternoon blog post than a recommendation for a wonderful piece For the Home? 

The Online Shopper is loving this Diane von Furstenberg "Micro Flowers" Duvet Cover and bedding found at gorgeous bedding ensemble shows that Diane Von Furstenberg's skills go far beyond her fabulous printed wrap dresses, and shows us that high fashion can venture out from our closets and onto our beds.  High fashion in the bedroom? Yes please. 

The queen duvet in white/multi is appropriately priced, on sale, for $249.99.  Add on two European Shams at $99.00 a piece for a beautiful, completed look.  What a wonderful way to add color to an apartment bedroom that would otherwise have simple and boring white walls?  This colorful piece is neither too masculine nor feminine, and it could easily interchange with other bedding that you already have.  The Online Shopper would accent this with crisp white sheets and a black chenille throw for some added texture.  Sweet dreams, Online Shoppers... 

The Inaugural Post

bloomingdales-add by hospi-tableWelcome to the blog dedicated to online shopping!  It is time to fill up your online shopping cart with all things that are high fashion, frugal and fabulous.   According to http://www.internetretailer.come/ E-commerce is a booming business, with 178.5 million predicted online shoppers in America in 2011.  The numbers stand to show that online shopping is both a fun hobby and utilitarian shopper’s delight....your next great buy is only one click away. 

The Online Shopper is your one-stop-shop to indulge your online shopping habit.  The Online Shopper will provide you with tips for navigating the world of e-commerce, generally and provide specific styling suggestions for yourself and your home, and link to great gift ideas.  Now you can forget about finding a parking space at the mall, only to find that your favorite store ran out of your size!  Instead, just warm up your clicking finger and get your card ready…let’s online shop!
bloomingdales-add, a photo by hospi-table on Flickr.