Monday, May 23, 2011

Wear it to Work Mondays: Ivanka Trump's Amoro Pumps

The Online Shopper's Wear it to Work Mondays is a post focusing on work attire.  The styling recommendations are geared towards a professional environment. 

Ivanka Trump's Amoro Pumps
 On the heels (pun intended) of the Celebrity Apprentice finale, The Online Shopper could think of no better post than a celebration of mom-to-be, Ivanka Trump's shoe line!  In that regard, The Online Shopper thinks that the Amoro Pump, available at Amazon should be the shoe for you. 

The pumps are also available in natural leather, red, and light pink but The Online Shopper thinks that the classic black pump, with a rounded toe and a moderate 3.5 heel height, should be a staple to a professional wardrobe.  Prior to making a purchase The Online Shopper always considers the "price per wear ratio."  This is the ratio of opportunities to wear the fashion (or use the product) as compared to its price.  The best scores go to items that have lower price points but can easily be integrated into one's lifestyle and wardrobe.  The worst scores go to those high priced items that can really only be worn occasionally. 

The Online Shopper gives a great price per wear ratio.  The Amoro's would be beautiful with a suit, dress or a skirt, which means that they could be worn several times during the work week, and at $120 these are worthy of the online shopping cart.