Sunday, May 29, 2011

Deal of the Day: Cara Accessories Bangles

Cara Accessories Bangles (Set of 16)
Cara Accessories Bangles

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account!

Talk about bang for your buck!  Gold is starting to make its comeback and what a wonderful way to re-introduce yourself than with this set of 16 Cara Accessories Bangles for only $31.90?  These are part of Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale.  Check out the many sale pieces here.  These are lovely, but because the bangles, all sixteen of them, combine to make a statement take it easy with other accessories.  The Online Shopper would wear these would a pair of diminutive gold studs and a crisp white button-up shirt.  Also one Online Shopper reviewing these bangles cautioned about the smaller size -- so if you have a larger hand/wrist beware that these these may not be for you.  All in all however, The Online Shopper thinks that these are high fashion, frugal and fabulous.  Whether you pick out these, or find another amazing item(s), Happy Online Shopping!