Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deal of the Day: Forever 21 Sunglasses

The Online Shopper's Deal of the Day brings you stylish steals to ramp up your lifestyle -- without depleting your bank account! 

F4338 Sunglasses at Forever 21

No you do not have double vision, here is the second sunglasses post in one day.  Now, do not judge to quickly because of the store (which is typically for a younger crowd, with trendier merchandise, lower prices and perhaps quality).  The Online Shopper likes to keep a pair of fun-go-anywhere shades to simply toss in her purse without worrying about scratching up her Chanels.  This in mind, The Online Shopper thinks that Forever 21's sunglasses selection cannot be beat.  Check it out here.

The shades to the right are the F4338 Sunglasses, and like all of the store's sunglasses are only $5.80!  For that price you can order a few pairs to have handy (in one's purse, in the car, in the husband's car...etc.).  At $5.80 these are the Deal of the Day!