Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Inaugural Post

bloomingdales-add by hospi-tableWelcome to the blog dedicated to online shopping!  It is time to fill up your online shopping cart with all things that are high fashion, frugal and fabulous.   According to http://www.internetretailer.come/ E-commerce is a booming business, with 178.5 million predicted online shoppers in America in 2011.  The numbers stand to show that online shopping is both a fun hobby and utilitarian shopper’s delight....your next great buy is only one click away. 

The Online Shopper is your one-stop-shop to indulge your online shopping habit.  The Online Shopper will provide you with tips for navigating the world of e-commerce, generally and provide specific styling suggestions for yourself and your home, and link to great gift ideas.  Now you can forget about finding a parking space at the mall, only to find that your favorite store ran out of your size!  Instead, just warm up your clicking finger and get your card ready…let’s online shop!
bloomingdales-add, a photo by hospi-table on Flickr.