Friday, July 8, 2011

High Fashion Friday: J Brand 811 Skinny Jeans

Fridays are for not just fashion, high fashion! 

OK, so The Online Shopper, like most of the world at this point, has a slight obsession with Princess Kate a/k/a The Duchess of Cambridge.  Accordingly, The Online Shopper absolutely must recommend these J Brand 811 skinny jeans, that the Duchess has been seen wearing on at least three occasions!  These jeans are so incredibly high fashion that The Online Shopper can hardly stand it.  Sizing is somewhat limited, but sizes 24, 25 30 and 31 still remain.  For your information, according to the J Brand size guide 24 = Size 2, 25 = Size 4, 30 = Size 10, and 31 = Size 12.  These will obviously look amazing on the thin girls, like the Duchess, everything does, but The Online Shopper also thinks that the form fitting nature of these pants will also really compliment curvy girls, though shape wear may be appropriate to help achieve that hourglass shape.  Pop these on with some pumps, boat shoes, flats, sandals or espadrilles and you will look like a princess, even if you are not.  Happy High Fashion Friday, Online Shoppers!