Friday, September 23, 2011

High Fashion Friday: Gucci Leather Wedge Bootie

Fridays are for not just fashion, high fashion!
Gucci Leather Wedge Booties

If you are going to spend $850.00 on a pair of shoes (and you are not Beyonce), you better (1) love the shoes; and (2) be able to wear them everywhere!  Well, these are your pair.  These Gucci Leather Wedge Booties available at Bergdorf Goodman are just beautiful.  Beyond their loveliness, you can wear these black booties to work, out to a fancy dinner, or as an accent to a more casual look.  Plus as this Online Shopper tells herself before making any big purchase, "You'll have them forever!" 

Although initially skeptical to the bootie craze, and still not on board for the peep-toe bootie (which to this Online Shopper just doesn't make sense, or look that great), a great pair like these, are worth the splurge because they are equal parts trendy and classic.