Sunday, August 14, 2011

For the Home: DKNY Uptown Quilt

DKNY Uptown Quilt - Purple
DKNY Uptown Quilt

What better for a Sunday afternoon than a wonderful recommendation For the Home?

In the hottest month of the year - your bedding can make or break your night's sleep.  Too light, you cannot hunker in; too heavy, you will be hot as a baked potato.  The Online Shopper finds that the perfect remedy for summer nights are quilt sets, like this DKNY Uptown Quilt available at Bed Bath and Beyond.  This quilt set is every bit as polished as a heavier comforter, but without the warmth.  Plus the purple is a great bedroom color because it is serene, and not overtly feminine.  A purple set with the appropriate accompaniment, like dark grey sheets and a black accent pillow, will take what could be a "girly" look to a gender-neutral, sophisticated room.